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Irish Museums Trust

Annual Grants Scheme

For Practitioners and Researchers in the Museum Sector in Ireland

The Irish Museums Trust (IMT) operates a research-development grant scheme comprising five grants up to a maximum of €1,000 each, awarded twice a year. The grant scheme is operated by the Irish Museums Trust (IMT) in partnership with the Irish Museums Association (IMA).

The grants are aimed at supporting individuals working in the museum sector in Ireland and students at research masters or Doctoral level, involved in researching a subject relevant to the understanding, management or development of museums across the island.

Another objective of the scheme is to enhance networking and peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge and mutual support, nationally or internationally, among those working in Irish museums.

Terms & Conditions

  1. For the purpose of this scheme, the ICOM’s museum definition applies: A museum is a not-for-profit, permanent institution in the service of society that researches, collects, conserves, interprets and exhibits tangible and intangible heritage. Open to the public, accessible and inclusive, museums foster diversity and sustainability. They operate and communicate ethically, professionally and with the participation of communities, offering varied experiences for education, enjoyment, reflection and knowledge sharing.”
  2. These awards are intended to help individual researchers and museum staff to achieve personal development goals related either to current research projects or to develop the skills or experience conducive to enhanced curatorial or museum management practices. Awards will be paid directly to successful applicants.
  3. As one of the main purposes of the awards is to support the continuous, life-long development of museum staff, there is no age limit.
  4. Applications must indicate how the award will contribute to the applicant’s capacity to make an enhanced contribution to the Irish museum sector. In the case of academic applicants, they must demonstrate (a) the direct relevance of their work to Irish museums and (b) how the grant will practically assist with the research in hand.
  5. IMA membership may constitute a preferential factor in adjudicating the applications.
  6. Application forms must be endorsed by the director or CEO of a recognised museum. Academic applicants will need the endorsement of their designated academic supervisor.
  7. Applications will be judged on the basis of the information contained in the application form, though we may contact applicants in relation to information provided needing further clarification.
  8. The adjudicating committee will exercise its discretion in deciding whether the full amount of the award or a lesser amount is appropriate in each instance. To facilitate this evaluation, a full breakdown of costs should be provided.
  9. Applicants are expected to make realistic and proportionate applications (for example, where €500 is sufficient to cover the costs of a proposed project, this should be clearly stated).
  10. Applicants will be required to produce a short open access report and/or presentation of findings.